There are a few options to support the trusts ongoing operations with your generosity.  

Endeavour Inlet Conservation Trust is a registered charity qualifying donations for a tax refund.  Please email your Name, Address and the details of your donation to to receive a receipt. 

Buy a trap for the trust
These traps will be placed on the existing lines continuing the projects ongoing strategic objective to control pests around the entire inlet.  The following are suitable traps to donate towards the ongoing efforts:

DOC200 (cash donation equivalent $54.00)
VICTOR PROFESSIONAL RAT (cash donation equivalent $34.00)
TRAPINATOR POSSUM TRAP (cash donation equivalent $55.00)
HENRY AUTOMATIC POSSUM TRAP (cash donation equivalent $125.00)
HENRY AUTOMATIC RAT/STOAT TRAP (cash donation equivalent $184.00)

Buy bait for the trust
DEHYDRATED RABBIT (FOR STOATS) (cash donation equivalent $23.95)
SMOOTH IN A TUBE (FOR POSSUMS) (cash donation equivalent $17.95)
PEANUT BUTTER (FOR RATS) (cash donation equivalent $8.00)

If ordering product for the trust please make delivery address:
Endeavour Inlet Conservation Trust
c/o Department of Conservation
Port Marlborough Building
14 Auckland Street
Picton 7220

Make a cash donation
Please deposit all cash donations to:
Endeavour Inlet Conservation Trust
03 1592 0578045 00

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