The first months trapping has been completed by the Endeavour Inlet Conservation Trust and the numbers are in.

A staggering 59 possums were caught in January with three single trap sites each catching 5 possums.  2 stoats were captured, 9 rats and a single mouse managed to set off a DOC200.

The trust currently has 38 possum traps and 30 rat and stoat traps active in the field.  There are also 13 private landholders traps now included in the trust tally as well!

A huge thanks to all our trap checkers in January.

3 Responses to “JANUARY 2011 PREDATOR TALLY”
  1. Viv Sutton says:

    Congratulations – what s brilliant result

  2. Hamish Matthews says:

    Hi All,

    While staying at Glenburn (Minors wharf) we managed to shoot another 10 possums to add to the numbers. this was from the 18th to the 28th of Janruary. the territory was along the QS walkway south of the wharf for about 1 km. and we had 3 possums in the traps set around the bach

    Noting that there are still many many more to catch

    • Thanks Hamish,

      Nice work! We’ll add it to the tally and update it for next month.
      If you’re controlling any more in the future you can put all the info on the TRAP DATA SUBMISSION page and instead of a trap number you can just describe the location.

      Keep up the great work.

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