Rattus rattus in DOC 200 at site S005

A large male possum was caught at site N001 on the night the traps were laid out.  Pictured is the possum removed from the trap with the trap re-set ready for the next visitor.

The first pests have been trapped in the Endeavour Inlet Conservation Trust’s traps.  The DOC200’s have caught over a dozen rats in their fist 10 days in the field and the Trapinator possum traps have caught 4 possums in the first couple of nights out.  To submit data of animals caught  please complete the form on the TRAP DATA SUBMISSION page.  If you would prefer to send by email please send to and include as much information as you can including:

Date trap was checked.
What animal was caught.
What site number (ie. WA012).
Any further data you think may be helpful (I rebaited trap with peanut butter, trap needs maintenance due to rust, trap missing, etc).



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